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Will someone step on these bugs!

Here is a list of bugs I have been complaining about since v2.2.0010. That’s how many releases?. None have been properly addressed. STRETCH still doesn’t handle broken lines (HIDDEN, DASHED, PHANTOM, etc.) right (moves instead of stretching when the pick box crosses the line through a broken section.ENDPOINT snap is still always on (even when it’s off) so far as multi segment poly lines are concerned when ever any other Osnap is on.The undo controls the (DRAWINGS SETTINGS, DISPLAY, PROGRAM INTERFACE, UNDO CONTROLS) still don’t save and must be set for every drawing every time you bring it up.I Still get “ghost” crosshairs, pick boxes, and the like. REGEN gets rid of them but it is annoying.When you edit several lines of DTEXT at the same time (the text: is usually different) and change the text justification, instead of repositioning the newly justified text in the same position of the old (same origin of insert point) it changes all the origins to 0,0,0. If I edit the justification one text line at a time it works fine.After using the text editor to edit MTEXT the height of the text changes on its own.Am I the only one who wants these fixed?J Templeton


  • Another old MTEXT bug not addressed is: When an MTEXT entity with “middle center” justification has one line of text the vertical center is centered with the text (as it should be).When there are two lines of text it is centered between the lines (as it should be).But when there are three lines it centers between the first and second lines instead of centering on the second (middle) line of text. This forces on to move the text up on a vertical dimension to fit between the dimension lines (which are created with the right gap for 3 lines but the text is not centered on them).Four lines centers between the first and second when the MTEXT is created using “diameter” dimension (should be between second and third) but is right when MTEXT is created using “linear” dimension (even though both are identical in all MTEXT settings).Five lines centers on the third line (as it should).Six lines centers on the third line (should be between third and fourth).And so on.J

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