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Collision detection?- Answered

I remember hearing something about collision detection, but really have no idea about it, I have a building and would like to check if I have managed to draw floors and columns etc through each other. That is check if solids are overlapping/intersecting, is that something that is possible in Bricscad? or am I getting mixed up with some other idea. Or was it an addon.


  • The INTERFERE command is what you're looking for.

  • That was the one, I just couldn't think of the right word, brilliant 5.7 million interference checks 203 problems found and of those only six where worth worrying about and solved 90% of the volume (concrete) errors. I hope our estimating team can live with the remaining 0.016% margin of error that the rest of the errors account for.

  • edited April 2018

    Would be interesting to see if these small interferences are caused
    by imprecise modeling or by rounding issues.
    Because INTERFERE would be a nice way to check geometry for

  • Oh definately down to me, and getting used to how things work. Coming from years of using Autocad LT and then trying to model a helical ramp in a parking garage caused a few of the big problems, some of the others I'll have to take a closer look at, but still user error finding which tools are best for the job.

  • So far I have to think Bricscad makes it a) very easy to draw something
    unintentional and b) there aren't much options to check that while drawing.
    As for 3D I went from Polysolid down to simple Cube Tool already.
    At least things stay rectilinear that way :)

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