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SRCHPATH folder location

I am trying to get my acad.pgp into BR. I have renamed it default.pgp and copied it to C:\Program Files\Bricsys\BricsCAD V19 en_US\UserDataCache\Support\en_US. I left the top part of the default.pgp file like it was and just replaced everything under All platforms command aliases. I closed the drawing I was in (did not save) and opened a new drawing. I typed in REINIT to find the new .pgp and I get the error message "unable to open program parameters file: default.pgp The file should be in one of the SRCHPATH variables folders."
Can someone PLEASE tell me where this folder/folders are located?

Best Answer

  • @tomcarver said:
    (findfile "default.pgp") returns nil

    Copy the default.pgp to your equivalent of
    and check that the path is on the SearchPath.

    I'm a little suspect about your installation ... you may get benefit from re-installing or doing a repair install.


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