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eGPU on a Razer Blade base (2018)

edited July 21 in Communicator

My laptop is great for 1080p 60 gaming. The GTX 1060 max-q is really good for every game I play in 1080p. I just about max out all settings and get good FPS. For playing games on the laptop's 1080p 60 hz screen, this is more than enough. But, the problem is I just bought a really awesome LG OLED TV (55 in. 4K, E8 model). The 1060 max-q can do some games in 4k but the newer games take a nose dive in FPS even in medium settings. I know a thunderbolt eGPU would increase performance but is there a limit on what an enclosure like the Core X can do when using higher end cards like the RTX 2070/2070 super or 2080/2080ti? Will a 2080 make a difference vs a 2070 on a bottlenecked thunderbolt connection? Are there any tests showing that a 2080 is worth it for an eGPU? I guess what I'm essentially asking is if these GPUs can saturate Thunderbolt. I'm also looking at 10 series cards like the 1080ti and 1080. The one I'm zeroed in on is the 2070 super right now. For 4K gaming on an eGPU, is it a reasonable purchase? Tweakbox Appvalley

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