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Forum Tools - Quickly add links to HELP + Signature tool

edited September 2019 in Other

Attach a script (see zip) I created using AutoHotkey that forum users may find useful. The script contains 3 tools:

Command Reference
Will wrap the selected text with a focused search of the online command reference e.g.


Help Search
Will wrap the selected text with a general search of the the BricsCAD Help e.g.

Dockable Panels

Forum Signature
Typing "FS" will replace the text with a forum signature. e.g

Joe Blogs
BricsCAD V19 Ultimate
Joe Inventions

You can customise the signature detail etc. by changing the global variables in a text editor

global ClosingRemark := "Regards"
global Name := "Joe Blogs"

;BricsCAD Version & Type
; Will be omitted if blank ""
global BricsCADVer := "19 Ultimate"

;Company & URL details. Both need to be filled to use.
; Will be omitted if blank ""
global CompanyName := "Joe Inventions"
global CompanyURL := ""

;Base URL to BricsCAD online help
global URLbase := ""
;COMMAND Category suffix. Autoload=true automatically loads
global CommandURLsuffix := "&category=360000679494&autoload=true"
;Command tooltip description
global CommandURLDesc :=  "Search the BricsCAD Command Reference for HELP on: "
;General search tooltip description
global SearchURLDesc := "Search the BricsCAD HELP for: "

It would be nice if this functionality was built-in to the forum. I think it is useful to provide links to the HELP where possible in a post. It allows the poster to be succinct in their answer while providing a way to expand with more detail for those that require it. By doing so it may also lead to a better HELP source.

I'm sure that someone who knows Autohotkey could do a better job of it than me.

Jason Bourhill
BricsCAD V19 Ultimate
CAD Concepts

694 x 144 - 297K
714 x 148 - 342K
568 x 236 - 226K


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