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Possible to convert a Polyface Mesh to a Surface with BricsCAD v19?

Can I convert a Mesh to Surface in BricsCAD v19? At the moment I need to use a 3rd party program to convert a cloud point survey to a Polyface Mesh (the 3rd party programs only uses Meshes), I then export that Mesh and import in with another 3rd party program to convert the Mesh to a Surface, then I import that Surface into another CAD application to sculpt that Surface to a 3D solid. Was just wondering if I could do everything in BricsCAD instead of using multiple CAD software and 3rd party programs.

Best Answer

  • I think it would work by
    converting all 3D Polygons to Regions
    Stitch all Regions.

    May give a Solid,
    or better looks like a Surface.
    Which should work to THICKEN.

    I personally would do clean up and all 3D Mesh work in Modo
    and finally try to convert that Mesh to Solid in Bricscad.


  • V19 has a CONVERTOSOLID.

    It will convert watertight Meshes to Solids mostly fine.
    Same as by explode : region : stitch
    If the Mesh was ok, you will get a nice Solid,
    If not, a Surface.

  • Okay, I have attached a screenshot of the Mesh that I got..It is only a flat Polyface Mesh that I get and the CONVERTOSOLID command does not work. I don't think that Mesh of mine is watertight, I use another CAD software to make is a watertight solid using the "sculpt" command.

    Screenshot 1.jpg
    1837 x 972 - 212K
    Screenshot 2.jpg
    1920 x 999 - 156K
  • Can you try to copy your Mesh,
    explode (>3D Faces ?),
    select 3DS Faces, convert to Region,
    select regions and Sitch ?

    Should give a Surface,
    that you can Thicken (?)

    That works for me if I create a Cube Mesh, explode,
    delete top 3D Face, make 5 Regions, Stitch.
    Gives a Surface to Thicken.

    I think Convert to Solid will only work for things that
    can finally result in a reasonably Solid with a Volume (?)

  • Hi Michael, thanks for your help..I will try your above mentioned techniques tonight

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