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Crosshairs Rotated

I have a drawing that somehow has the crosshairs rotated about -33 degrees from zero relative to the world coordinate system. When I try to draw anything orthogonal, it defaults to the rotated cross hairs orientation rather than the coordinate system. How can I rotate the cross hairs back to square with world?


  • For me it looks like you (accidentally) set and activated a UCS.
    AFAIK there is a command to re-align the UCS back to World.

  • You may have a non-zero roll angle in your current view. Use the VIEW command to check view properties.

  • To restore the plan view of the WCS (world coordinate system):
    - Type UCS then press the Enter key twice
    - Type PLAN and again press the Enter key twice.
    When UCSFOLLOW = ON, the plan view of UCS or WCS is restored automatically.

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