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Editing mechanical assemblies (eg. UPN beams)


I've just started my trial version. I consider switching to Bricscad coming from AutoDesk Product Design Collection.
All 2D and 3D operations are quite similar and easy to use so far, but I struggle to find a decent solution for editing steel constructions.
Inventor has a module called frame generator. I use this almost every day to create steel welded constructions built up of standard U-and I-beams.
One of the most important features within this module is the mitter and notch function, that lets you create connections and cutouts where needed.

I'm able to create the basic assembly in BricsCAD, however the assembly is made of components that are block references. These I can't edit (eg. make a cutout in one beam/profile so it connects or inserts into another beam). See image attached.
I know you can draw it from scratch and extrude etc. and get the desired result, however Inventor (and therefor the frame generator module) exists and I'm looking for an acceptable alternative.

Does anyone have some experience in this matter ?

Thanks !


BRC trial ex 01.png
3437 x 1389 - 120K
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