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Changing BIM type

I have a question regarding Bimify, namely I run the Bimify command and the model gets assigned the relevant BIM information.
After the command, the highlighted plate gets classified as a beam and I would like to change it to a plate. I know I can classify this manually however if I do some of the other BIM information is lost in the properties tab.
Is there a way to edit the 'BIM Type' without losing the other information?

Also is there a way to add to the "Building Structure Elements" list?
I would like to add "BRACE" to the default list.

Thanks in advance.

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  • Hey

    Do you mean that you lose the Profile information?

    Because all the information that can be maintained is maintained (such as Building, Story, Loadbearing, Accoustic Rating, ...). It is just because Profile is a BIM Property specific to Beams and Columns that this is not maintained when you classify this same solid as a Plate (since a Plate does not have this information according to IFC standards).

    By the way, don't unclassify before you classify it as a Plate (then you will lose all the information indeed).

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  • Currently, there is no way to add a BIM Type to the list of available types. You can find the list with currently available types at the bottom of this page: .

    If you file a Feature Request, we can take a look at adding the functionality of adding custom BIM Types. You can file a support request about BIM here: Put the dropdown type of support request on 'Feature request'.

  • edited January 10

    Thanks Fleur, that was a help.

    May I ask another question? Is it possible to filter the elements in the model based on their PROFILE?

    I would like to filter all of the 'AS PFC 150' in the model and then put that size into the 'NAME' property box.

    (Even better would be the NAME box automatically populated when I BIMIFY).


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  • Can bricsys add wild cards to filtering in the structure browser? For instance $profile = HSS8*

    Or if I have a custom parameter defined


    I could filter by *BEM*890 and it would return that.

    Also logical operators such as and not or,

    Regarding the plate, one should be able to assign a recrinagular prolfile to a plate and allow it to a beam type where the axis is the thickness of the plate. However this breaks down when beams are of a length of 8 in or less, I would like this feature as most bim programs will allow one to use a beam definition for a plate
  • Maybe a slab or floor bricsys type is applicable for a plate? But plate needs to have an orientation and rotation attribute as most plates are never aligned in horizontal or vertical planes
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