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connect 2D sketch with extruded solid

Hi all,

is it possible to connect a 2D sketch with the extruded solid?
For example when I change the value of a parameter in the sketch the solid adjusts the modification.



  • I am not experienced but I think it is not possible, in a non-history-based CAD,
    to edit the Path or Profile of your Loft example later.

    I think the old school way of keeping Backups of Path and Profile, in case
    you need to modify and recreate the Loft.
    That is how I worked in Microstation back then, which is also a destructive
    direct modeling App vs history based CAD like Vectorworks.
    Both have pro and cons.

    With Bricscad Platinum you will get 2D and 3D constrains,
    which allow you to parametrize Objects.
    You can even let Bricscad Constrain you objects automatically.
    That works well for rectilinear geometry. I am not sure if that will
    still work well with your more complex "free form" (?) geometry.

  • Thank you @Michael Mayer for your answer. I see, so I have to solve it programmatically

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