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I'm sure there are SprinkCAD users on this forum but is it okay to ask questions concerning issues of the interaction between the SprinkCAD program and BricsCAD?

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    Hi Russel

    I got feedback from the SprinkCAD team because they recall the conversation. It seems things are working as intended.

    Their feedback:
    They tested the sequence in both AutoCAD and BricsCAD and found there was no difference in the results.
    You are selecting a group of elements which are a sub-set of the pipes visible in the sample images. These lines represent pipes. When all pipes are selected, the SprinkCAD software is able to properly calculate the center-to-center values desired. When only the main run is selected, the software is not aware of the outlet pipes and processes only the sub-set data (in the example, only two of the four main pipes were selected).


  • Hi Russell

    I'm afraid there aren't many SprinkCAD users over here.
    What's the issue you are having? So I can help you in directing you to the right people, Bricsys or SprinkCAD.

    Mathieu - Bricsys

  • It's a SprinkCAD action after a SprinkCAD command. I've attached snip shots. With the command, SprinkCAD is supposed to put pipe length dimensions on the individual pipe segments (color magenta) as shown in the snip shot labeled "segments". This function worked fine with AutoCAD but does not with BricsCAD. With BricsCAD the function puts one overall dimension, a total of all the pipe segments selected as shown in the shot labeled "total".
    I first contacted SprinkCAD but they told me it was a BricsCAD related issue.
    This may be something best addressed by BricsCAD support but I thought some users of SprinkCAD/BricsCAD may have experienced this issue.

    Thanks for your help,

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  • Hi Russel

    I will send a message to the SprinkCAD team to see if we can solve it without your involvement.
    Will keep you posted.

    Best regards


  • Thank you Mathieu.


  • Thank you Mathieu for pursuing this issue for me.


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