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Filter BIM Profile

I have asked this in another post, however I am still unable to find out whether it is possible to filter and obtain a selection set based on the structural 'BIM PROFILE SIZE'.

I have also checked via lisp (entget (car (entsel))) to see if it part of the entity list but doesnt seem to be there.



  • I too would like to be able to do this. If I use BLADE's data inspector, I can get a list of all an entities dxf codes but I can't see the BIM data in there. Where is it stored?

    2020-01-16 08_47_07-BLADE - BricsCAD LISP Advanced Development Environment.png
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  • Use the structural browser and in search field add $profile = xxxxx. This is a powerful tool BUT NEEDS ability to use wildcards for string filtering and logical operators

    Say $Profile = HSS* would filter all beams with HSS sections.

    I would love to know how to create groups and sets and hive them a name so we can also assign selection sets to them and use later
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    Cool. I created a new Rule, then I right click Group and select Profile from Extensions - BIM. I can now see (and select) all the profile sizes in the structural panel.

    2020-01-17 09_10_09-BricsCAD Platinum - [Drawing1.dwg].png
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  • That’s very cool - must try rules and groups out letter, thanks for sharing
  • Garry & tslewis,

    thank you for sharing that information. That is very powerful and also very helpful (yet another impressive Bricscad feature).
    Much appreciated.

  • Welcome yep if they can add filtering wildcards and logical even more so
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