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Layfrz on a xref select element

Hi all

I want to freeze certain element in a xref.
When i use Layfrz i can only select the WHOLE model.
I want to be able to select the indepth nested element.
How do i do that?


  • edited January 16

    when you enter Layfrz, you have some options, select settings, "Viewports/Block ", Block then select "Block/Entity/None/Selection", Entity .So you can also freeze other layers not just the insertion layer of the xref

  • Hans, fs_at12 is correct, but I would also point you to the "CC" tool that is included with the free file batcher I mentioned before (PurgeIDs).
    the full command name is chlaycolt. It lets you pick an item, in xref or block, or any nesting level, and walk through the levels.
    When you hit the level you want, you can change the layer props right there.
    I tell people if they are going to the layer manager, they are doing things wrong 80% of the time. That CC tool eliminates so much headache.

  • Thanks! That worked. It might be useful if only the entity selected would highlight but it works!

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