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Rolling back an update to previous verison????

I've updated everytime bricscad has released an update. Each time I have done this something I use on a daily basis seems to get broke. Generally it nothing huge and I just work around it until it gets fixed. To Bricscad credit they have been able to fix the problems on the next updates. I'm apprehensive of installing the new update due to this. We are swamped right now and I don't dare install with our current work load.

What is the best method of rolling back an update should this happen again or is a bricscad update able to be installed as a whole new install in different directories and paths???


  • I think the best way would be to use the uninstall of Bricscad from Apps on Windows.
    It should keep your settings (If that is a good or bad idea though)
    This should allow to install an older Bricscad version again.

    trying to install an older Bricscad installer over a newer version was rejected (?)

    But my experience is different.
    I think all new releases are better than the previous releases and fix much more
    Bugs than Bugs they will introduce new or some regressions.
    I can't know about which Operation System we are talking in your case.
    But in my case of macOS or Linux, it is .... ahm ... more likely that OS upgrades
    may brake Bricscad's stability - vs Bricscad itself introducing regressions,
    beside the persisting issues on these platform.

    I think Windows Version of Bricscad is very, or reasonable, stable in general.
    From testing Betas, it more like existing stuff is at least as stable and just
    new features may be "beta".
    (Where they seem even as stable as existing, just offering discussion about
    design changes)

    But coming from the more neglected platforms like macOS and Linux that
    are a much less smooth experience than Windows versions, if you are a
    responsible professional, avoid the first release upgrades, and convert your
    office to the VXX.2.xx releases.
    (Microstation using industries seem to be at least 5 years behind official
    releases. Responsible VW Administrators may start to implement new
    versions only as soon as SP3 or 4)

    Please file a Service Request for for any issue, no matter which OS,
    Bricscad Team is willing to fix if possible and they do it very fast from
    my experience.

  • Thanks for the info. I agree most things get better as the development continues, but sometimes things get broke. Thats just software dev in general no one can promise perfection. I'd much rather be on Bricscad which really does seem to be growing and progressing, unlike the other one that has had only UI changes for the last 10 years.

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