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Section Planes & POintclouds

edited April 8 in Point Clouds


I have Pro version. Do section planes work with Pointclouds as I have tried but it cuts everything but the pointcloud. It is probably user error as I also do not seem to be able to crop the point cloud in V21 as I have done in V20.



  • AFAIK latest V21.2 will allow to create any Solid Geometry
    to be assigned as a Clip Volume for Point Clouds.
    (If I read release notes correctly)

  • section planes are supposed to work on pointclouds too. And as Michael mentioned, there's a new functionality in V21.2 called POINTCLOUDCROPSOLIDS, which enables you to convert an extruded solid (a BOX or CYLINDER for example) to a 3D cropping entity for pointclouds.
    If you can't even crop the pointclouds with POINTCLOUDCROP I would suggest you fill in a support request so that the issue can be examined further.

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