.NET external application - Workflow automation - Search and replace DWG


I'm doing a bit of workflow automation. I want to use the BricsCad interop to search and replace text in a dwg file. I want it to be an external application as I'm populating directories and other file types (Excel, word templates)

My application targes .Net 5.0

I've add references to BrxMgd.DLL and TD_Mgd.DLL (local copy = false). Separate class library to the winforms app.

However, as soon as I hit Execute(). I get a 'file not found exception. BrxMgd.DLL can't be found?

Any help or Code snippest would be appreciated.

using AcRx = Bricscad.Runtime;
using AcTrx = Teigha.Runtime;
using AcAp = Bricscad.ApplicationServices;
using AcDb = Teigha.DatabaseServices;
using AcGe = Teigha.Geometry;
using AcEd = Bricscad.EditorInput;
using AcGi = Teigha.GraphicsInterface;
using AcClr = Teigha.Colors;
using AcWnd = Bricscad.Windows;
using AcApP = Bricscad.ApplicationServices.Application;

        public override bool Execute()
            AcAp.Document doc = AcApP.DocumentManager.MdiActiveDocument;
            AcEd.Editor ed = doc.Editor;
            AcDb.Database destDb = doc.Database;

                // Create a source database to load the DWG into
                using (AcDb.Database db = new AcDb.Database(false, true))
                    // Read the DWG into our side database
                    db.ReadDwgFile(templateFile, AcDb.FileOpenMode.OpenForReadAndAllShare, false, string.Empty);
                    AcDb.Transaction tr = db.TransactionManager.StartTransaction();
                    using (tr)
                        //// DO SEARCH AND REPLACE HERE

                        AcDb.DBObjectCollection obs = tr.GetAllObjects();
                        foreach (AcDb.DBObject ob in obs)
                            AcDb.MText mt = ob as AcDb.MText;

                            if (mt != null)



            catch (System.Exception e)

                Console.Out.WriteLine(this.target + "caused and error, skipping");
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