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etransmit/ pack n go

i am currently evaluating Bricsccad in light of increasing costs for autodesk upgrades. can anyone tell me if BricsCAD can do an etransmit?


  • In Bricscad V9 the core functionality required for e-transmit has been implemented, but there is no user interface yet (dialogs, menus, ...).This work is scheduled in the first half of 2009. Those who insist on using it right away could already use the e-transmit functionality through the COM API. There's no documentation yet, but if interested we can provide sample code to get you going.

  • Thanks Hans very helpful

  • Dear Hans,And how do we access the COM API you mentioned?We are evaluating the use of Bricscad and this is a fundamental feature for us since it enables us to compile all the references in a single folder.Kind Regards,

  • edited June 25

    Sorry for the use of Autocad lingo but I’m using work sessions in rhino and looking for a way to easily package up the files for sending to clients. In Autocad you can bind the Xrefs or just export as a eTransmit, has rhino got anything similar?

    Thanks in advance.

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