Hi all,

Bricscad is a really good tool for drawing 3D objects precisely. However, when it comes to making video animations there seems to be no capability. 

One of the solutions I have been looking at is using Blender. However, the file formats do not match. There is an add on by Sycode that allows to export Bricscad cad files into the 3ds file format ( which I presume would allow me to open it in Blender with no loss of information. Since there is no trial version, I am reluctant to buy the software as I do not know if it will allow me to do what I want.

I would really appreciate if someone could confirm the capabilities of the add on or to introduce another method to produce video animations from Bricscad 3D drawings.



  • Hi Timothy,
    you can export from BricsCAD as Colllada file (.dae) - this is part of the satndard install. This can be imported to Blender. In my testing (small room with simple furniture) it worked quite well.
    Hope this helps,
  •  Thanks Roy and Thomas. I have successfully managed to use the Collada format to export to Blender. I am currently finding out how to manipulate imported Bricscad 3D object in Blender.
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