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Convert to boundary polyline

Hello, I need a help to convert this two figures (in attached dwg) to boundary polylines.


  • Hi Mirza,

    for the figure above just use the PEDIT command :
    : PEDIT
    Multiple/Select polyline to edit: m
    Select entities:
    Opposite Corner:
    Entities in set: 29
    Select entities:
    Selected entities are not polylines. Turn them into polylines?
    Specify a precision <<b>10>:
    Edit polyline:  Close/Open/Decurve/Fit/Join/Linetype-mode/Reverse/Spline/Taper/Width/Undo/:
    Enter fuzz distance or [Jointype]:
    156 segments added to polyline
    Edit polyline:  Edit vertices/Open/Decurve/Fit/Join/Linetype-mode/Reverse/Spline/Taper/Width/Undo/<<b>eXit

    for the figure below first use the BOUNDARY (...Menu  DRAW>Boundary Polyline ) command with the option to create Regions (see Screenshot below)
    and then the SUBTRACT command to subtract the inner Regions from the outer one :
    then you get the yellow region on the right ...

    I hope this helps


    convert to boundary_done.dwg

  • The problem is caused by splines. Somehow these cannot be directly joined to a polyline. What you can do is turn each individual spline into a polyline first. After that they can be joined to form a single closed polyline. The command for all this is _PEDIT.
  • @ Konstantin:
    Your approach for the top element is better than my suggestion. I can't get your solution for the bottom element to work. The outer boundary of that element seems to have some gaps and/or overlaps. So maybe there is a HPGAPTOL issue?

  • Yes, this is correct, i forgot that i used the BOUNDARY command after applying the first PEDIT step for the top element
    to the bottom element as well...!  This leaves you with more joined polylines (see screenshot below) and then the second
    step Boundary + Subtract can be used.
    Thanks for mentioning the problem !

  • Thank you all for answering!
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