Generate Bim Section

In the video Bim sections - plan, sections and elevations, sections are generated.

Where do i've find these options, (Section Entity - Generate Bim Section), can't find them in the program, see attachment

I see in the menu bar - a BIM tab? (not in my version. see attachment) 

I have windows version - bricscad platium 16,2,12


  •  It's in the Quad, under the Model flyout. Also probably other places -- there are usually multiple paths to the same goal -- but this one works.
  • No it isn't. i've try it. - see attachment.
  • sorry wrong attachment.

    it isn't in Quad under model

  •  Interesting. I get it here -- see attached. I wonder what the difference may be?

  •  It looks like you are in the Mechanical workspace. Try switching to the BIM workspace.
  • @ Denis Lamothe,

    Thank. :):) :)

    That was the ploblem.

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