Speed of Bricscad, 10% RAM and CPU


I am just wondering why Bricscad is acting so slow when saving (460000 objects, 15MB File Size, takes almost 1min) or changing Layouts. I know the drawing is not small in terms of objects, but my RAM and CPU Usage dont go over 13% at any given time. I tried accessing from hard drive or network, no difference.

I did purge, audit, dgnfix.

thx for all help


  • Hi Benjamin,
    I have similar issues with one of my architectural projects. The project itself is not that big (file is roughly 14MB) but it has been created in DraftSight and I have been working with this file for a long time, importing/attaching lots of blocks, xrefs, exploding some of them. Even after I tried to clean up the file (manually, purging, audit, etc.), I still have the same problem as you describe - it takes 1 minute to pen the file, save it, change the layout or freeze a layer (turning layers on/off is fast). I don't have such problem with any other file. I could open the same file in 7 seconds in DraftSight, AutoCAD took around 10 seconds. I tried contacting Bricscad support but we didn't find the problem though.
    I know I didn't help, I just wanted to share my experience.
  • Some other users have had problems with 2D constraints 'bloat'. I am not saying this will solve your issue, but have you tried the '2D constraints fix'?
  • Roy,

    thanks for the suggestion. I tried the script with no visible result. This is architectural project, I didn't use any constraints.

  • Oh,

    now I recall one Bricsys employee recommended to turn multi-threading on during troubleshooting. You do this by setting MTFLAGS=7 and WHIPTHREAD=3. I thought multi-threading is turned on by default on Windows (when I was troubleshooting I was using linux), but apparently it's not. When I turn this on on my 8 thread machine, suddenly the opening of the file or switching of layouts take not 1 minute, but 10 seconds! Your mileage may vary depending on the CPU that you are using, but every semi-modern computer should benefit from turning multi-threading on.

  • This did it! MTflags and whipthread works like a charm!
    Thank you!
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