Structural information

I'm testing out Bricscad trial at the moment, and I'd like to know whether it is possible to extract information on the length of a structural member?
For a vertical member such as a pillar, we can see the height component as sort of the length, but for a horizontal beam, it doesn't seem we can find out length of the beam.

Am I missing something or is this functionality not supported at the moment?


  • I have the same problem, I would like to be able to read out or check
    the dimensions and position of any object at any time to check my
    geometry for accuracy. I use :

    The "Distance" Tool to measure manually.

    I customized my Rollover Tips (RT) in Properties Tab and activated as
    much Info about entity dimensions as I could find for the different
    parts of entities to hover over.
    Like UCS Elevation will give you some Z Information when you hover
    your mouse over that element.

    Even with Default settings, hovering over an edge,
    when edge Selection activated or temporarily forced by CMD/CTRL key,
    Edges will show the Length in Quad/RT.
    Everything more than 1D like Faces or Volumes will only show Area or

  • Thanks Michael, I'll follow your suggestions for the time being.

    My logic is as follows:
    Because we can change the base profile of the structural member, then if the tool works by changing the profile shape > extrude over the determined length, then it is given that this length data is probably stored in some form somewhere?

    If we can find out this data, I can see it being very useful for structural steel bill of material calculations.

  • Indeed, no Length Info in Property Panel at all.

    And for me somehow "Length" display in RT was OFF for some reasons.
    Not sure if Length OFF was Default or I screwed this up.

    At least now RT shows Linear Solids Length when hovering an Edge.

  • Hopefully this can be added as a feature in future versions. For now measuring manually will do the job. It does get tedious when there are a lot of members to list out.

  • When an IFC export is opened in Solibri a length factor is shown, so the parameter should be there somewhere I guess.

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