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Leica DBX format

Hi there,
Does anyone have any experience working with Leica DBX format?


  • What do you need to know ?
  • Phillip do you want to import raw data and have the points inserted in their correct spatial location within a dwg?

    There might be some third part applications working inside Bricscad that would do that.
    That format is rather specific and needs appropriate software to deal with it as you no doubt know.
  • If you could convert the file to a comma separated point file there is this from LeeMac to import the points into a drawing.

    Point Manager

    It is a very nice function for working with points, including exporting to a file from within the drawing, works in Bricscad.
  • There is also this utility from the Bricsys 3rd party application.

    Leica Disto
  • Importing DBX requires access to the DBX SDK, you have to sign a license agreement, contact Leica at Heerbrugg in Switserland.
  • Thank you everyone for your replies.
    Ultimately, I was thinking I'd like to be able to extract or write point data directly to or from the DBX format. Maybe I'm asking too much. :)

    The firm I contract to has traversed from TDS equipment some years ago, to Trimble and has recently purchased a Leica robotic instrument. From what I understand thusfar the Leica DBX is a proprietary format? I believe AutoCAD Civil 3D and other survey/engineering programs can read and/or write DBX files directly.
    I was simply wondering if there were a third party utility that might also do the same in BricsCAD.
    If there is anything else anyone can share that may enlighten me I would appreciate your input.
    Once again, thank you.

    Bruce - I'm still not clear as to what the Leica Disto utility is capable of doing.
    Dirk - I'm thinking the DBX SDK might be beyond my ability. I'm a long time diehard LISP coder.
  • Hello Phillip,

    I'd suggest you to be in touch with this company: Kubit GmbH (  They develop softwares for integrating measuring equipment within the DWG environment.  They have some nice tools.

    The company already make available for BricsCAD a small application in our catalog: VirtuSurv (
  •  Thank you Miguel, I will look into that.
  • Phillip that format is available to just about any respectable survey software and they can import many different types of instrument raw data.
    Mine can import that format but as I don't have a file I can't tell you what it's structure looks like.
    I'll ask and see if I can get a typical Leica file.

    That said it probably needs a fair bit of manipulation to extract what you need.

    Typical formats I use have files as follows.

    An RW5 file - part of - all one point information
    GPS,PN1085,LA-41.330602173372,LN146.090278087107,EL482.451842,--f 2.6
    --GS,PN1085,N 5399647.5663,E 429175.8927,EL476.2135,--f 2.6
    --Valid Readings: 3 of 3
    --Fixed Readings: 3 of 3
    --Nor Min: 5399647.5652  Max: 5399647.5670
    --Eas Min: 429175.8913  Max: 429175.8940
    --Elv Min: 476.2098  Max: 476.2164
    --Nor Avg: 5399647.5663  SD: 0.0008
    --Eas Avg: 429175.8927  SD: 0.0011
    --Elv Avg: 476.2135  SD: 0.0027
    --HRMS Avg: 0.0159 SD: 0.0018 Min: 0.0147 Max: 0.0184
    --VRMS Avg: 0.0236 SD: 0.0019 Min: 0.0223 Max: 0.0263
    --HDOP Avg: 1.3695  Min: 1.3695 Max: 1.3695
    --VDOP Avg: 2.2768 Min: 2.2768 Max: 2.2768
    --PDOP Avg: 2.6570 Min: 2.6570 Max: 2.6570
    --Number of Satellites Avg: 7 Min: 7 Max: 7
    --HSDV:0.015, VSDV:0.022, STATUS:FIXED*, SATS:7, PDOP:2.657, HDOP:1.370, VDOP:2.277

    Another - Nikon total station format - pretty useless without any software to run
    CO,Finish of Resection from Pt: 5
    CO,28-Jan-2015 16:28:24
    CO,Temp:20C Press:760mmHg Prism:30 28-Jan-2015 16:31:50
    CO,28-Jan-2015 16:31:50
    CO,28-Jan-2015 16:31:50
    CO,HDm=155.6056 BS Zm= DELTAS: HD=-0.0003 Z=
    CO,28-Jan-2015 16:32:40

    You can probably see from that it really needs some manipulation to work with them.

    If you want send me a file I can import and see what I get and send you a simple point number,east, north, elevation, code (PENZ) text file, or csv.


  •  Solution of DBX file converter helps to recover and export DBX file to PST, EML, MSG, HTML, MBOX & RTF files. It can safely recover Larger DBX Files / Unlimited file. DBX Outlook express file recovery nicely and perfectly works on every version Outlook Express (5.0, 6.0 & above), Microsoft Outlook & Windows Operating Systems.
  • There are multiple solution available for converting DBX to PST file format. you can google this solution . Last time i used a solution for same issue and got great result with this tool. i will recommend you to download this software from here

  • I have read your problem and come to know that you are looking for the best software and was irritated by manual methods. So, in my opinion, you should go for DBX to PST. Being a daily migrator, I know the solution will work on your problem.

  • edited January 2019

    Be aware that some of these posts are making the (incorrect) assumption that DBX from Leica is a Microsoft Outlook file. If any link leads to a page mentioning Outlook, it's not going to help you.

  • Thanks Terry, yes I picked up on that. :)

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