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can't open file when I download library material


When I want to import file (.igs) and opened on my Bricscad, I can't see the material in the drawing. So, I tried to open library material and downloaded, but I got notification error "error 5: access denied". See the picture attached
Can you guys fixed my problem?



  • Hi,

    Do you have Communicator for BricsCAD installed?

    BricsCAD will not support IGS files directly without Communicator.

  • Somehow Bricscad isn't allowed to read the image Texture Files inside the
    Program Folder. I think Program Folder has a more complicated file right
    management than the typical User Settings folder with its settings and
    I would first look in explorer if the Files are really there,
    if not, reinstall/repair Bricscad.
    Second, I would restart Bricscad (and or Windows) with a blank file
    and try again "downloading"/updating Library Materials.

    At the moment I realize that on v19 Linux,
    my Folders which point to the whole Material System are empty.
    I don't even see any library Material - which I could download/update.

    The path to my Image Texture Files was wrong too.
    It pointed to a v18 location, which is no more existing and v19 seems
    to use completely different paths now anyway ...

  • @Per Gogstad
    Yes, I'm using communicator license

    @Michael Mayer
    But, I tried installed trial Bricscad and communicator trial on my private PC, when I import this file (iges) it's so fast and the material looks good like as rubber on the wheel. I think has a missing on library material.
    fyi : I've reinstalled my Bricscad and the case still same on my Office laptop.

  • @Michael Mayer how to updating library materials on Bricscad V19?

  • If everything works correctly and you open Render Material Panels,
    you will see all Library Materials in a Preview at the bottom of the panel.
    But these need to be downloaded first before using.
    There is a blue Arrow in the left part of each Material's row.
    Which you need to double click to start download.

    You can also Select all by Shift key and double clicking will will
    download the image textures for all materials at a time.
    Will need some time.

  • @Michael Mayer
    Thank's for your response. I tried to set the profile manager like as new and it works!. thx.

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