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text printed to small

all texts are printed smaller than set and displayed on the screen. See attached images.


  • In ~/Bricsys/BricsCAD/V19x64/en_US/Support you'll find a fontmapping file default.fmp. You can edit that one, Windows is the same.

    Does it contain a clue?

  • I had the same issue on Mac version time ago. I cannot remember how I fixed it, but it had to do with the configuration of PUBLISH when exporting to PDF. This is how I have it configured right now:

    2010 x 538 - 265K
  • For the record, there has been a fix in BricsCAD(Linux) V19.2.15 and BricsCAD(Mac) V19.2.12 for this problem.
    (which was already communicated to Hans Hermans in a support request)

      Fixed improper size of True Type font texts/mtexts generated by print/export/publish.
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