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Middle-mouse scroll in panel under cursor

I suspect there is no simple way to change this UI behavior, but ask anyway: Can I make the middle-mouse wheel operate on whichever panel is directly under the cursor (as in blender)?

Currently, I move my cursor out of the drawing window onto the structure tree or properties panel, for example, but when I try to scroll up or down, the model or paper space view zooms in or out instead. To scroll in one of the panels, I have to actually click (left or right) on something in that panel first.

Oddly enough, the requested behavior occurs in reverse, that is, if I am actively scrolling within a panel, as soon as I move my mouse away and into the drawing view, scroll-wheel zooming takes over. In fact, this even happens while in the midst of inputting a value into a property field, and the field gets deactivated, which ironically is what I do not want to happen if I am not finished entering a value.


  • Here we go!

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  • Thank you, @CADMebel. Because blender behaved as I wanted, I had thought it was BricsCAD rather than an OS issue.

    That scroll inactive windows setting works brilliantly on Windows 10.

    On Windows 8, though, where I am testing V20, I find no equivalent mouse setting. However, via stackexchange I discovered and installed freeware Taekwindow, which has solved my troubles on that machine in under 44 kB.

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