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Permanently dock Properties at side of drawing area

I'm still working through setting up Bricscad to match my Autocad installation. I have always docked Properties to the side of the drawing area because I use it quite often. This latest version of Bricscad has Properties bundled in with some other items like "Tips. Layers, Attachments" etc. I seldom, if ever, would access those items in that fashion. I realize there are various ways to open the Properties window but when it's open, it covers part of the drawing and then you have to click something else to get it to close again. I find this to be very inconvenient. What I really need is Properties as a separate item and dockable in the full open position. I have not been able to find a way to do this. Can this be done in this latest version of Bricscad?

Thank you,


  • It depends.
    I usually want Layer and Property Palette docked to the right
    screen border.

    If you unlock UI (or press CTRL if locked) you can drag the
    Property Panel's Symbol out of the right dock.
    When you grab it again you can hover it over the right Panel, you
    will get an animation that lets you dock your Panel top, left, right,
    bottom beside the right panel to dock them together using half
    of the total space.
    If you choose the middle option it will create a "tabbed" Panel
    where you can switch between both panels.

    To not get left with a slim square drawing window, I avoid having
    2 Panels docked to the right side.
    (As in my case I need Structure Panel docked all time to the left too)
    So I have Layers below, and switch the upper Properties with the
    other "Tips. Materials, Attachments" etc. options.

  • Pressing control and pulling it out from the other items worked like a charm. I've docked it to the right where I always put it. Thanks.

  • There's also a display bug in the zoom extents when the props (or possibly other) panels are visible and not CTRL+DOCKED. If your view contents are wide the right side of the contents is covered by the panel.

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