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Slice a solid with a Tin surface

I am having difficulty slicing a solid with a TIN surface created from points.
Can this be done?


  • Created a TIN surface with pasting in coordinates from xls
    Select TINsurface and typed TINextract
    Entered a negative vertical offset to leave TIN surface on top of solid
    Choose S for solid

    In 3D modeling I created a solid the shape of my excavation
    I placed this solid in the TIN solid using control point coordinates.
    Then I used Solids Editing/Intersect to create a solid.
    This solid represented the required excavation.
    I used the move command to move the new solid clear and selected it to read the volume in the properties window.

    Next I'll repeat to calculate fill
    Probably the long way around but it got me the data I wanted.
    I'm new at this .

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