RefEdit with double click

How can I set the command "RefEdit" with double click? (In BricsCAD 20 Pro)


  • In Customise>Mouse>Double-click actions - and you may want to do it as a Partial CUI rather than modifying the Main CUI - I'll let someone else explain what that means and how to do it!

    RefEdit used to have the double-click action until the new BlockEdit tool came along and displaced it. I much prefer RefEdit, use it all the time, so have reverted the double-click to RefEdit.

  • I really like the new Block Edit default.
    I use it more often than Refedit.

    But unfortunately my VW DWG Exports attach all BIM Tags as Block Attributes.
    In that case a Double Click will not open Block Edit but "Block Attribute Editor" instead.
    Is there a way to prevent this ?
    As I never work with Attributes ....

  • Tom Foster
    edited July 2020

    It depends whether you want to edit Blocks in situ e.g to edit-align elements in the Block with surrounding elements in the drawing, as I do constantly. In that case RefEdit does it. If you want to edit the Block just with reference to itself, then Bedit may be better - I never need that.

  • Yes, many times I don't need context.
    So double click for BEdit is ok for me

    If I need RefEdit for editing in context I open it from Quad.
    (while I hate that I can accidentally select objects outside of my REF though)

    My problem is that BEdit will not open when a Block has Attributes like Text data.
    It will open Block Attribute Editor instead, which I don't want.
    And I search for a way to prevent Attribute Editor.

    Or do I have to try to delete all Attributes from All Blocks instead ?
    (If possible at all ?)

  • Can't you just right-click on the block and select RefEdit or BlockEdit? (I don't know, because I have an old pre-BlockEdit version, and I don't have any blocks with attributes in them, but in my version I can right-click and select RefEdit.)

  • Yes, it works by right click or Quad.

    I am just surprised each time I double click and get Attributes instead.

  • Can't that be fixed in Customise>Mouse>Double-click actions?

  • Tom Foster
    edited July 2020

    The real drag when editing Blocks in situ e.g to edit-align elements in the Block with surrounding elements in the drawing, is that HideObject won't work in a RefEdit (or BEdit) session, not even on elements within the Block being RefEdited, let alone surrounding elements not in the Block. Even if you use RefSet to temporarily move elements out of the Block - you still can't HideObject them. Means you can't get 3D things outa the way so you can see what you're doing. Not a problem in 2D - don't need HideObject there. But means my well honed system hardly works in 3D.

    I posted previously about this and made SR84545. Since then, for a short while new command BEdit did allow HideObject, and individual elements could be hidden via the Structure Panel, but both of those were soon cancelled. As of 8.10.18, Support said "This is to inform you that our team is aware about the current behavior and it's working to provide a fix for this issue.".

  • @Tom Foster said:
    Can't that be fixed in Customise>Mouse>Double-click actions?

    Apparently so. I was surprised to find that on my system the double-click action for blocks is ddedit. So I guess if I ever double-clicked on a block with attributes, it would send me into the attribute editor. But since none of my blocks have attributes, Bricscad always substituted Refedit for that.

    The Customize window allowed me to change ddedit to Refedit.

  • @Tom Foster said:
    Can't that be fixed in Customise>Mouse>Double-click actions?

    Thanks Tom.

    I have always overseen Double Click Actions and searched under Mouse Buttons.
    I have kicked out BlockAttribute.... and it works as I want.

    Unfortunately touching Customization Dialog on Mac first corrupted my GUI
    and soon later crashed my Bricscad after I opened AttributeEditor manually.

    But beside Mac issues, I now know what to do .....

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