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2D Parametric Block Help

How would you create a simple stretch zone?
See attached. The only lines that would change are the two vertical lines.
The upper lines depicting the nut would move up & down but not change size.

Forgot I'm using BC Pro 18.2


  • I guess it doesn't matter because PRO will not allow MBINSERT.
    Wonder if Platinum supports all the Parametric block commands?

  • Alan,

    Perhaps you should try BMINSERT, not MBINSERT. I don't use parametric blocks but I do get a file selection pop-up when I issue BMINSERT in Pro.

  • edited June 2020
    Thanks for the reply but:


    Platinum features are not included in your license

    Perhaps it's because i am using version 18.2

  • BTW the MBINSERT was just my dyslexic typing.

  • I'm using V20 so it may be a version issue

    Dyslexic typing? I know a bit about that.

  • @Charles Alan Butler said:
    How would you create a simple stretch zone?
    I'm using BC Pro 18.2

    It would be difficult to do this with BricsCAD V18 Pro using 2D Constraints, due to the shear number of constraints you would need to create. In Later releases of BricsCAD you can apply 2D constraints to blocks, which allows you to turn parts of your component into rigid elements, avoiding the need to create a multitude of constraints. Later versions also allow you to use BMINSERT with the BricsCAD Pro.
    See Go-Bolt-2D-V20.dwg attached.

    In V18 Platinum it is possible to use Components with 3D constraints to create. Once it has been BMINSERT'd, then a V18 Pro user can modify the parameters.
    See Go-Bolt-ccl.dwg attached.

    Unfortunately there is a bug in V18 that can muck up the parametric block when you COPY it. this bug has since been fixed.

    Jason Bourhill
    BricsCAD V20 Ultimate

    CAD Concepts

  • What happened here!? I see no questions about blocks or parametrics
    Are you just wanting to stretch it your area is in the wrong place . right to left . Been the same since V1 ( wich I by the way have missplaced by now)

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