V21 for Mac crashes on 2 out of 3 drawings.

V21 does not seem ready for use yet. It crashes on 2 out of 3 of my drawings and now V20 wont open....I guess I will try deleting them both and a clean install of 21 first before having to give up on it and going back to V20 so I can work.


  • betazero
    edited December 2020

    I need V20 back in the download section. I cant work with V21. The drawing I need to open does not along with half my other dwgs . Help please! I mean I cant try to use one in another language...

    edit - NM got V20 out of trash and after deleting V21 it is working again.

    edit2 - I moved all images and pdfs that were attached into a new folder to detach them and got the one drawing I needed to open in V21. Also, I opened all attached dwgs and purged and saved. Not sure why the other drawing failed 2 out of the 3 times I tried to open it. Going to try to work with V21.

  • Both V20 and V21 are working peacefully together on my
    ancient legacy Intel Trash Can.
    I use only en_US versions.

    But downloading V21 Mac + RPM was a bit strange.
    I needed 4 attempts over the day until it successfully loaded.
    Therefore I was a bit afraid that the installer could be corrupt.
    But it worked here.
    Maybe your V21 installer was not healthy ?

  • Working fine on my 2018 Mini I3 over here.

  • betazero
    edited December 2020

    Wasn't working until I deleted them both then installed V21 and copied V20 out of the trash bin back into the apps folder... weird stuff. They seem to be coexisting ok now other than the PDF printer is broken or the way Bricscad V21 prints. I have to use V20 to make PDFs.

  • betazero
    edited December 2020

    V21 has not been able to open a single dwg so far on my M1 MacBook Pro. Tried opening just a title block and no go. Also, have the same problem of V20 will not open after installing V21. I can show you about 20 .dwls and .dwl2s that have been created from crashes... 10 crashes on M1 zero opened files. I was having about a 2 crashed out of 3 on Intel iMac and then some just open no problem.... Something is up. All these files open fine on V20. Deleting V20 then moving it back from trash didn't work this time. V20 crashes at start page on M1 at least. Got it working on Intel.

  • Hi betazero,

    Sorry to hear you are experiencing those pdf issues. Could you submit this as a service request so we could take a closer look at it?

    As a tip, if you would like to download any of the old BricsCAD versions, go to the download page and select "Show Old Releases" to find the V20 and earlier versions


  • Crashing on another dwg on Intel Mac. I will just have to go back to V20 until these things are fixed. Something with attached files I guess? I got it to work on another dwg by moving all the attachments into a different folder. It just takes too long to change the paths.

    I will submit the issue with PDFs and crashing. I requested to be part of the beta and could have pointed this stuff out.

  • There seems to be something wrong soemwhere in V21 as it is a bit crash happy after e.g. publishing multiple files into a single PDF, a saveall after a bmupdate command of some open drawings and a few other occasions. Sometimes there is no problem and sometimes it just quits without warning.

    It occasionally happened in V20 as well, but it happens quite a bit more in V21.

  • Yea I think V21 for Mac needed a bit more cooking in the oven.

  • @betazero said:
    Yea I think V21 for Mac needed a bit more cooking in the oven.

    Definitely. And in Big Sur my version of V18 isn't working anymore, as confirmed by the support. So we can imagine that the time schedule for a mac/bricscad user will be change every two year with a beta version constantly crashing.

    just imagine if someone has to actually work with this software..

  • betazero
    edited December 2020

    I do actually work with V20 but its on an Intel iMac and works good minus some minor annoying things. The V18 being broken may just be that you tried V21 and now need to reinstall V18 because V21 breaks that older version too. Its good at that for sure.

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