Copy Guided and Move Guided

Has anybody been able to find a use for the above two commands?

I find that you can't select just the items you want and give a reference entity to use as you only get one selection window, that seems to only accept entities that will rotate if you presect them before starting copy/guided.

You have no base points to work with, so if you wanted to copy some entities from one position (indicating a base point initially) to the mid point of say a line, there is no way you can do this.

Attached is a video that initially uses the copy guided command (with no preselection) to try and copy some entities and then a copy rotate lisp routine I use (which obviously doesn't break any entites).

The copyguided in my humble opinion should be able to copy the selected entities I indicated and rotate them 90 degrees once they found the vertical line I wanted to reference and then position them like the original position but rotated and preferably in the centre of the reference line (which I should be able to indicate with a snap reference.

The move guided is the same, there is no way of referencing the move to a new position without taking measurements of where entities need to end up and then feeding this into the measurement box once you start copy/guide, move/guided.

There is no way I can see that I can do this.

I appreciate that I could be doing it all wrong, so would happily like to be proved wrong.

Many Thanks in advance.


  • I have used this feature for placing equipment in a building. The catch is the corner of the building must be on the X=0 and Y=0 point from there it's a great feature to have.


  • CopyGuided enables you to automatically align copied entities with relevant geometry using temporary guide curves. You can explicitly select entities to use as guide curves or let BricsCAD determine them based on your selection window.

    To explicitly select entities:

    1. Select the entities you want to copy.
    2. Launch the COPYGUIDED command. The entities to be copied are displayed in green.
    3. Select the entities you want to use as guide curves.

    To select entities with a selection window:

    1. Launch the COPYGUIDED command.
    2. Create a window (or polygonal) selection that encompasses the entities you want to copy and crosses the entities you want to use as guide curves.

    All entities that fall completely within the selection window are included in the copy selection set and are displayed in green. Entities that cross the selection window are used as guide curves and are displayed in blue.

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