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Using (threaded) holes from library - Export

I would like to use (threaded) holes from the library. But I don't quite understand how to do it properly. The insertion works, the 2D view looks good. But I have a problem with the export (STEP). Not only a body with holes is exported, but also the extracted hole. How should I proceed so that only the body with holes is exported?



    edited January 21

    It looks like it has to be exported to maintain representation of the hole in the software that will import the STEP file. Though I can imagine it should be possible to have the hole baked into the object upon export so that the exported step file would not need to have the countersunk hole component as well.

    I'd file a support request with Bricsys to make this an option as there doesn't seem to be a setting to achieve this at the moment. Did a quick test myself with opening a similar export in Rhino.

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