Move dimension text alone?

Is it possible to move dimension text without moving the arrows and without a leader?


  • Explode it?

  • MDunn
    edited January 23

    DimStyle, FIT, Text movement, Move text, no leader

    Select Dim style, under Text, Fit, change from "Keep Dim Line with text" to "Move text, no leader".
    This enables you to move the text independently of the dim lines & the ext line.

    Then select the text w/ Grips box & move.

  • MDunn
    edited January 23

    Hope that helped.

  • Denis Lamothe
    edited January 23

    Simple way would be to select the dimension so the grips show, then click and drag the grip that's on the text to move it to the left or right. If you want to keep the text on the dimension line, snap to nearest and pick a spot on the dimension line.

  • Denis, that only works w/ "Move text, no leader" enabled. I have always been able to move mine, so had to figure out why Gadget was unable to do so. Try it, set it to "Keep Dim Line with text" & then try using the Grips to move the text. I learned something today too.

  • I just tried it with the "move text, add leader" in my dim styles. Seems to work if I click and drag the grip on the text, and with the snap set to "nearest", I pick a point on the dimension line.
    Also works if the text has a leader. Drag the grip at the leader, and snap to "nearest" on the dimension line.

  • Thank you to all!
    This was driving me crazy, I knew there had to be a way, I just couldn't find it. I'm new to BricsCAD after 25 years of AutoCAD. Although it's been a pretty smooth transition, now and then it can be frustrating and even humbling! I hope it won't be too long before I'm able to return the favor.
    Thanks again

  • With Text Movement = Keep dim line with text, you can grab the text by its grip and slide it along the dimension line, but moving it perpendicular to the dimension line drags the dimension line along with it. With the other two settings the text grip isn't tied to the dimension line at all.

    If you usually want to be able to move the text independently of the dimension line, you can set that property in the dimension style definition. Then all dimension entities will automatically have that setting in their properties list.

    All of that is exactly the same as in Autocad.

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