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Tom Foster
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Say I have a point cloud model, opened in a Bricscad dwg file, of the exterior of an existing building including quite a bit of surrounding land, vegetation, boundaries etc. I can turn it on and off, while in the same dwg file I build a 3D solids BIM model consisting of extensions and alterations to the existing building.

What is the result when both the point cloud and the BIM model are displayed simultaneously? Am I right that the 3D solids, being opaque, will hide from view any of the points that lie 'inside' any of the solids, and that from any given viewpoint the solids will be seen 'in front of' and hiding any of the points that lie behind them?

In other words, will I be seeing semi-realistically what the extensions and alterations will look like, in place 'on' and replacing parts of the existing building, while point cloud 'objects' closer to the viewpoint, like trees, will come 'in front of' the 3D solids?

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  • Piet
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    Hi Tom,
    the points of the pointcloud will behave as other geometry. They will be occluded by solids if they are 'behind' it. This is in the modelview when viewing and printing.

    For parallel views you can generate a raster image and combine it with a bim section. There is no smart clipping here, you have the bim-section and the rasterimage separate and you need to clip them manually. They are however correctly oriented and combined.

    For more information you can check our youtube channel,

    If you want you can test the feature's yourself, here you can find a pointcloud to work on:

    About photogrammetic mesh, we don't work with meshes for pointcloud currently. Depending on the format of the mesh we can import it


  • What if there's a photogrammetric mesh model with semi-photorealistic texture layer along with the point cloud - is there any Brics Add-on that will allow that to be viewed/rotated as well?

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