Bim Project Browser and Sheetset setup not available

I'm trying to apply the BIM Project Browser to a client's model (confidential, I can't share) following the instructions on
and I have two questions:
1. I follow all Create Project steps, with a new external project library, sheetset file not existing. After pressing OK the Sheetset Setup dialog box should appear according to instructions but nothing happens. If I go to the hamburger menu Sheetset setup is grayed out (see attached image). Any reason for that? I solved the situation creating elevations with BIMIFY, and then Sheetset setup is available.
2. Is there a command name for the BIM Project Browser? Or the only help available is the above link? I checked everything for a name, including CUI. In all my 32 years CAD life I wanted to know the commands names :)

Thanks in advance


  • hi João,
    1. Sheetset setup will only work when sections are defined
    2. There is no commandline command for the project browser. When a commandline version is available, the command is prompted there (even when triggered from menu or ribbon)

    best regards,

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