RCP Regions???

Does Bricscad allow us the ability to turn on and off regions defined thru Recap? I'm not finding that ability anywhere. Certainly hoping they add this in or I'm just not smart enough to find the right command.

We're getting some big non regioned point clouds from clients and cropping and sectioning within bricscad really slows down the performance of the point cloud to being unusable. I'd be interested to find out if anyone else is experiencing this behavior.


  • Hi Fossa,
    Bricscad doesn't support Recap regions.
    Besides regular crop and sections we recently introduced CROPSOLID, where any extrusion can be used as a crop that can be turned on and off. Maybe this can help you in controlling parts of the 3d scan.

    best regards,

  • I haven't upgraded yet to the latest version with cropsolid. That will give me good reason to do so.

    Is Bricsys working on the performance issues with the sections or should this be a feature request along with the rcp regions functionality?

  • Just to follow up. I installed the latest version of Bricscad and the new pointcloudcroptosolid works far better than typcial section tools. Much better performance.

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