Cannot load brx


I have downloaded BricsCAD version 21.2.03 (X64) and the API V21.2.02.
I've build my application (brx-file) with this API, built with v141 but I am getting "oading failed"
Are they compatible BricsCAD v21.2.03 and API v21.2.02?

Is there a way to investigate why the .brx will not load?


  • Did you get help? I'm new to BricsCAD so may not be of much help. I used the examples in the SDK to compile and load the lrx file. One example compiled right away, that's the one I used. I did have a version problem where the lrx file would not load. I resolved the issue by running and earlier version of BricsCAD.

  • Dear All,

    there was a change in COM libraries (axbricscaddb1.dll) which caused .NET modules to fail with their compilation (though somewhat strange);
    COM changes were reverted + delayed till V22 with latest V21.2.04 ...
    so your BRX/NET module should load fine again with V21.2.04
    (in generally, BRX API remains binary compatible within each version's lifetime, so you can use a BRX SDK V21.2.02, for any later build).
    many greetings !

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