Parametric walls?

Starting my trial period, I was very optimistic toward Bricscad BIM, until I tried to make some changes into existing plans with composition walls.
It feels like BC really good for conceptual modeling and for adding and editing complex details, but absolutely inappropriate for such common tasks as endless editing of architectural plans.

I'll try to describe a few problems I met:
1. I found it is not possible to work with plans in top-ortho view, because when I was trying to add walls with Polysolid tool it snaps to everything but not floor, so I need to switch into 3D view.
2. In the West_Arch example, my i7 PC freezes at ~16 seconds after selection Quickdraw tool just to start draw walls, and ~5 second after confirmation of new wall.
3. I spend a lot of time trying to connect a new wall to existing one with multilayer composition, and then found they cuted permanently, so after moving a wall i have to fix all connections.

So I have a question:
Does development team have plans to add parametric levels-dependent wall tool?



  • Hi Nick,
    if you want to model in topview in a fixed plane you can create a UCS in this plane and the set snap setting 'ignore entity snap elevation' on. This will force all snapping to this plane. There is a quick, temporary way too, with Dynamic UCS on, hover a face in the plane where you want to model (the face gets a orange boundary highlight), press shift (the face turns blue). the UCS is now locked on this face.

    To move walls and keep their connections, use the drag tool or the manipulator tool to move the wall, the moment you start dragging, a CTRL select popup will appear. Hitting ctrl one time will get you in a mode where connections are kept.

  • Thanks @Piet !
    I'll try your approach, and keep looking at future development!

    But anyway, it is a bit odd that automatization-oriented software has no such a basic tool.

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