BIM Copy not working correctly in ortho views

Since I'm accustomed to designing floor plans in plan view as a solution I switch to top ortho views, change visual syle to x-ray and switch off edge selection mode so that I can select and manipulate faces that do not face the top view e.g the sides of walls.
But, while in orthographic view when I use the BIM Copy command the duplicated solid is offsetted from a random distance away from the reference face, which forces me at times to zoom out to see the copied solid. This does not happen with BIM drag though.


  • Hi Jtlive,
    When using Bimcopy, you can enter a distance with the keyboard or use the adaptive onscreen scale. In topview / orthomode it is harder to use the bimcopy command with snaps because the DUCS is not triggered. If DUCS is not activated, Bimcopy will use the curren UCS origin as startpoint.

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