'A section' Isn't that vertical to begin with?

Entyr level BIM tools using BricsCAD BIMSECTION
How does one make a (vertical) section?


  • Hi Hans,
    the name section is used in several other applications and is also the name of the entity in dwg (SECTIONOBJECT in dxf code). The naming you are referring to is stored in the 'sectiontype' parameter and is automatically applied after placement.

  • Michael Mayer
    edited June 18

    How does one make a (vertical) section?

    Normally you have DUCS activated and simply hover over any Solid's Face
    that has the desired orientation for your Section Plane.

    Like for a horizontal Section = Floor Plan,
    I would click on my Building's Roof and a second click to define Z height.
    For a vertical Elevation or Section, I would click on a outer Wall.

    If nothing to hover your cursor, Bricscad will choose Layer Plane
    (or custom UCS if available ?)

  • If you don't use DUCS, you can simply reorient the UCS (prior to running BimSection command) to align the XY plane parallel to the cross section plane you wish to create—similar to drawing or modeling anything in vertical planes prior to the advent of dynamic UCS.

  • I noticed i had to switch ucs and how this works
    But i find it a bit wierd personal, from a civil point of view. Where plans in XY are 'the normal' to begin with.
    But thanks!

  • Where plans in XY are 'the normal' to begin with.

    Similar to architects.
    But AFAIK, when nothing hovered, Section will default to Layer Plane,
    so to XY plane. (Or did I get something wrong ?)
    It is mainly for standard vertical Sections, where you need something
    to "DUCS" or some other UCS stunts.

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