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I would like to add layout tabs to the generated sections (sheet drawings), eg different ground floor plans for different purposes. For some reason, the generated section doesn't seem to stay in one place. Copies are made alongside others instead of the block inserting itself in one place. It seems more concerned about where the peripheral section lines are than where I would like the block to be inserted. As a result, my layout tab (showing different parts of the same building or just the same plan with information added for different purposes) loses its view of the block.

Is there a way I can get the section block inserted to a particular point - eg same origin as model? - instead of chasing the latest version of the section block with my viewports?

'BIMALIGNSECTIONBLOCKS' is coming up on the command line as a suggestion for aligning the blocks but I can't find anything about it.

The same origin as the model would be good because I can then use the 'find co-ordinates' tool on the section block as well as the model.

Anthony de Carnys


  • I have noticed this too, but the issue for me comes and goes. I don't understand what is happening either, or how it can be prevented...

  • Hi,
    when a section is generated it will take into account the model origin. The section resultblock in model space of the d drawing will have an insertion point that corresponds to the model origin.
    The sections resultblocks are placed in a logical order based on model extents but when you move a the section resultblock it should be remembered on the next bimsection update.

  • But that doesn't seem to happen for me. I don't move the model origin but the section result moves.
    Can you explain what you mean by 'placed in logical order based on model extents'? Perhaps I can live with a logical order which can be reversed - but it is not ideal.

  • Same here. The behavior is inconsistent. Sometimes model origin is respected, and I can for example overlay xrefs of two BIM-generated plan levels and they align perfectly as desired; other times they are offset by sometimes a round number of units and other times by what seems a random distance. Vertical sections, too. I verify Base=(0,0,0). Location of BimSection vertices seems to have something to do with this, but even when I've aligned those vertices in the model, the resulting output does not always align.

  • I have also noticed these unexpected behaviors with moving, doubbled and "misplaced" section resultblocks. Also the 'BIMALIGNSECTIONBLOCKS' is coming up on the command line as a suggestion for aligning the blocks, but if doing anything at all, that command is messing up more than it helps and the messeage is still coming up again during the next update. As Piet mentions "when a section is generated it will take into account the model origin", but how is this actually done? Is there some logical connection to how the model origin is taken into account. I think a better way would be that a plan section, at least the first section resultblock, always should be placed with the exactly same world coordinates as the model. For me it would actually be ok if all plan sections were placed like this and I had to move them if I wanted. This way the models coordinates would be transferred automatically to the resulting drawing.

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