Custom Property Sets - How do you copy from one drawing to another

Does anyone know how to copy a custom property set from one drawing to another?


  • Hi Fossa,

    You can do this by sharing the .bsyslib-file:
    1) Type in BIMPROJECTINFO in the commandline in your original drawing with the created custom properties
    2) Change the project info from Embedded to External
    3) A new dialog will pop up to select or created a bsyslib-file - Type in a name and create/save the file
    4) Open a new drawing where you want to copy the custom properties onto and launch BIMPROJECTINFO again
    5) Change the project info from Embedded to External again and now select the bsyslib-file you have just created and saved
    6) Now your custom properties should be in the new drawing

    More info about BIMPROJECTINFO:

    Hope it helps,
    Kind regards.

  • Fossa
    edited September 16

    Thank you, very helpful.

    Bricsys needs to add an export and import on just the user property sets. That method they currently have, by detaching the entire database then re-attaching a new one, and then finally embedding (merge, I assume), seems overly complicated.

  • Hi Fossa,
    an easy workaround is to copy paste a bim entity from the model with the propertysets you want to the model where you want the same propertysets.

    Once the entity is copied, the propertyset will be in the new model and you can delete this entity.

  • Awesome, I'll try that


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