Visibilty control of floors below the section plan

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What is the best metod to control what is seen from floors below a 2D generated section floor plan? I have attached an example where the 2d door swing on the first floor is also visible on the second floor. There are also other situations were I don´t want to have entities from floors below visible on the 2D plan.


  • Hi Conham,
    there are several ways to achieve this.

    • You could work with volume sections that define a certain zone to be taken into account. Set this property on 'State' in the 'Section Entity' section of the properties panel when a section is selected.
    • You can use layerstates with sectionplanes. (see propertiespanel when section is selected, 'BIM' section). When the section is generated only the objects on layers used in this layerstate will be taken into account.
    • We extended the special 2d layers BRX_2D_, BRX_2D+_, BIM_2D_SECT_, BIM_2D_SECT+_, BIM_2D_BACK_, BIM_2D_BACK+_
      • the SECT layers will only be generated if the component is sectioned
      • the BACK layers are generated even if the component is not sectioned
  • Thank you Piet for your answers. I was not aware that volume sections are needed to achive this. It would have been nice if there was a "section depth setting" for sections, but I will try your suggestion and see how it works for me.
    I have been working with layerstates, and was thinking that I could perhaps use a solid placed on a layer that could be turned of in the resulting section drawing. In this way everything below will be hided, but I think it's a somehow messy solution when there will be more of this solids for hiding things. I already tried to make a solid that hided the grounding fundament parts for floor 1 and it worked fine! Perhaps this solution could be built in to the section tool so that the user could just fill in a section depth, and the tool would do a temporary solid during the generation unseen in the background and also remove the temporary solid from the resulting drawing (or something like that)?
    The use of special 2d layers prefixes are a brilliant idea to add to or replace 3d content. However I do not like that the prefixes have to be left in the resulting drawing. According to the Swedish drawing standard (National adoption of the EU standard for layers) this is not allowed. So I would like to see an option, perhaps in the section planes, where one could choose to have all these system prefixes removed before the "_" sign and only leave the *EntityLayer* name.

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