Point cloud cache

Hi. I am trying to load a point cloud to BricsCAD and the status only gets to 1% cache then times out. Does anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong? Thanks!


  • During preprocessing (importing a pointcloud) a log file is created in the cache folder for each pointcloud. Perhaps there is useful info in there?
  • Hi. Thanks for your comment. All is says is 'running with 8 threads' I have no idea what that means!
  • When the preprocessing starts it first reports how many 'threads' it uses.
    Threads allow to spread the work over multiple processors. The work is spread over 8 threads to allow running simultaneously on up to 8 processors.

    If 'running with 8 threads' is the only thing that is shown in the log file, then my bet is that the preprocessing failed/crashed/stopped before it did any actual work.

    As a lucky shot, before launching the preprocessing from BricsCAD, change the setting MTFLAGS to disable multiple threads. Open the settings dialogs, find the MTFLAGS setting, then disable "parallellized point cloud operations". Then try to launch the preprocessing again. Running with only one worker thread is more failsafe - but slower of course.

    If that does not help, please enter a support request to get further help.
  • seems like for some reason the pointcloud data cannot be read from the file(s). I suggest you create a support request on the bricsys website so we can examine the issue in detail.
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