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I have Bricscad set up with a light grey background. First thing I noticed is that when I use the modeling visual style, objects are now dark grey/black. That would be OK except the pick box is the same color. Makes it really hard to select the detail I want.

Is there a way to set custom colors for the pick box and/or the color used for modeling or other visual styles for that matter? I have searched through settings and have not found anything.

Trying a darker grey background gets back to a white pick box and light grey modeling color, but the grey background is now too dark for my liking.



  • Black or white background seem to be the only options that don't cause unintended effects like these.
  • even with pure white background, I have the same issue, pick box is black and disappears when trying to select features in an object while using modeling visual style.
  • Joel_l
    edited January 14
    For now, X-Ray or shades of grey work for me. I tried making my own visual style, but still no control of the color. What I ended up making was similar to X-Ray. Being able to set the pick box color would go a long way.
  • Extraordinary you can't - snap box you can't either but snap marker you can.
  • I played more with the visual style editor, I did find that the shades of gray entry did let me change the face color, odd that the modeling entry doesn't let me change anything.

    In the end, I have shades of gray working to my liking and I can see the pick box.
  • Joel_l
    edited January 14
    Ran into a minor snag, is there a way to save a custom visual style so it is available to all new drawings?

    update - this I was able to fix by making a new drawing template.

    So now I think I am where I mostly want to be.
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