Diesel Expressions in BC from AC

Hi All,

I have a titleblock with some diesel expressions embedded which works in AC but not BC.
All of the imported Diesel expressions seem to struggle - outputting: $(IF, ??)

This is one example:

%<\AcDiesel $(if,$(eq,$(substr,$(getvar,DWGNAME),10,3)," - "),$(substr,$(getvar,DWGNAME),13,99),$(substr,$(getvar,DWGNAME),17,$(-,$(strlen,$(getvar,DWGNAME)),4)),) > \f "*%fn2">%

The drawing name is: 00000-000 - My Drawing.dwg -
In AC in correctly outputs My Drawing into the field.
In BC it outputs: $(IF, ??)

Can anyone help with this? Is there anything that jumps out at being a problem here?!

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