Brics switching windows while printing

Brics Mech V 22.1.07 - This is weird, when I print in brics the screen switches to a different window of another application I have open like Outlook or Adobe Acrobat. Anyone else see this? Nothing major but very annoying.


  • Does this also happen when you use publish? I notice with publish that it cycles through the layouts being published but it doesn't switch to another application window.

    Usually I publish to PDFbecause those are needed anyway and then print on paper if needed. It saves switching printer definitions in BricsCAD/AutoCAD when working on a different computers with all the (minor) hassles that may come with that.
  • I have seen that (switching focus) once or twice but cannot reproduce. Something that does happen consistently, possibly related, is that whenever I do a print preview from command line, the preview window flashes open but fails to appear in front of the main brics application window. Meanwhile, strangely, about one fourth of the paperspace background that's normally white turns gray until I switch to and close out of the preview window.
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