Exiting the "Define Section" command

"Define Section" command.

Question: How to terminate the hiding of part of the model after the desired section has been observed, printed, etc? Hit Esc (escape) and the model remains sectioned with the removed portion still... removed. The only way I have found to regain the original model is to Undo (Ctrl-Z) or quit without saving and re-open. Surely, this should be designed to be more intuitive OR I need to work on developing my intuition and finally discover the obvious. Which is it?


  • I am not sure if I really got the question and I do not find a Command "define Section".

    But I use "BIMSECTION"
    - Hover over a Solid's Face to define my Section's XY, XZ or YZ PLane
    - Click and Drag to define my Section Position
    - (By default my Section's Clip Display is set to ON)

    When I select my Section Object in Properties Panel, I can switch Section's activation :
    - by selecting Clip Display ON/OFF
    - or just by double clicking on the Section Object in Drawing Window

    There are additional Handles for selected Sections in Drawing Window,
    like an Arrow to flip/mirror the direction the Section will look at.
    And maybe some more handles to shrink or extend the Section, according
    to which type of Section is used.
  • This is interesting on a few levels. We are running the same command from different origins. Using command line, BIMSECTION does indeed run the same protocol as is attained by clicking on the main tool ribbon's icon called (on hover) "Define Section", this is an inconsistency in naming conventions utilized within the program. Running the command from the ribbon icon, the command line still does not populate with the BIMSECTION command phrase, it just says "Define a BIM Section", mildly disappointing obfuscation.

    Getting back to the problem, even with your kind advice I am still unable to disable the section view at will as I can find no trace nor hint of a "Properties Panel" anywhere in my Shape UI. Attempting "Properties" in the command line disappointingly yields nothing. Nothing under the menu "View".

    I do, however, get the Hot Key Assistant dialogue popup which allows using the Ctrl key to toggle between "Clipping ON" and "Clipping OFF", (command line equivalent of variable N for On and F for Off) but this is not useful once the desired section has been set (initiate command, slide to set clipping plane, left click mouse to set the point of section). At this point the HKA has disappeared and initiating the BIM Section command simply begins a second clipping plane operation while the first persists. In either approach, the Clipping Off is strangely only active while the clipping command is still waiting for the user input which sets the clipping location, but not once the location has been set. I find this behavior to be nearly useless other than allowing a general unclipped overview to assist in orientation before committing to a clipping plane.

    Where is this "Properties Panel" ? It should be obvious, one would assume, but I'm learning to not make assumptions about how user-friendly the pleasant-looking UI really is. I'm not complaining because it's useful and free, but hopefully some development remains.

  • Ah, sorry, I have completely overseen that we are in the "Shape" Sub Forum ....
    I was talking about my Bricscad BIM.

    - I also found, when hovering the Section Tool Icon, it says Define Section.
    - Unfortunately there is no Properties Panel in Shape.
    - I think, in Shape, the recommended way to switch Sections in a Drawing View
    ON/OFF is by a Left Double Click on a Section Object.
    (At least I learned it that way by their Intro Videos)

    Of course "free" Shape needs a limitation in Tools and Features to not cannibalize
    the paid Bricscad Version.
    But I don't think a Property Panel and numeric input / direct control for those
    things would really harm Bricscad. Also they hide access to even most Basic Global
    Settings. Like Selection Marque by dragging, PICKADD and such things.
    You would need into hidden "config" file and edit these entries manually.

    I think it is either to much work, to bring adapted Shape versions of a Properties
    Panel or Settings access, or the fear to lose GUI simplicity.
  • circle
    edited March 15
    Thanks for the reply and clarification. A line / section element is indeed created and a left double click on it does exit the section, very helpful to know.
  • Select the line passing through the said section. This will also indicate the cutting plane. Now double click the line and the section will undo.
    Note - if you look carefully, there will also be green arrows near the center of the line which can be double clicked to reverse the section view
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