BricsCad BIM and Revit compatibility

I work in construction (building services engineering) and am seeing that AutoDesk seems to have the monopoly with BIM. I have some big work opportunities opening up, but the prerequisite is that I use Revit.
I have been using BricsCad for some time now and absolutely love it! Prior to that, I had used AutoCad for around 20 years. In the end, I felt that AutoDesk became very overpriced, I did not like dealing with the company and their subscription based only platform was just the end for me.
With most of the large scale construction projects that I am seeing are being done in Revit by the Architect and associated Building Services Engineers, I am wondering if BricsCad are developing to handle this and be compatible? I am hoping that BricsCad will develop their software to a level where someone like me can simply open a Revit produced file and then run with it. I am hoping that BricsCad can do this quite soon also. The Revit market is quite significant and the thought of me having to learn and purchase Revit software is just not palatable at all.
Is there anyone else out there in a similar situation to me? Can you please share what you are currently doing? Maybe Bricsys can chime in and share what they are planning to do with Revit competition and compatibility?


  • Hi Stephen,

    I’m glad to hear that you love BricsCAD!

    Ideally, every architect and engineer should have the freedom to choose the design software that best fits their needs, and still collaborate flawlessly.

    We are firm believers and advocates of OpenBIM (that’s why we have one of the best IFC import/exporters out there), but we are aware of the situation in the market.

    That’s why we also invested heavily in supporting Revit .rvt and .rfa file import into BricsCAD BIM.
    In V22, you can already import geometry, compositions, 3D views, … while filtering on Category, level, … (see, and this for Revit versions up to 2021.

    And we continuously keep on improving and extending our .rvt and .rfa import.

    I’m interested in hearing about your experiences with .rvt/.rfa import. What are you currently lacking to be able to collaborate on such projects?

    And could you use IFC in such projects?

    Happy to hear your thoughts!

  • HI Ruben,
    Thanks so much for the response.
    I work in the construction industry and the drafting software seems to be strongly driven by Revit.
    Is BricsCad developing the software to a point where the software can open and work on Revit files?
    At this stage, I have not done any importing of IFC. I think the expectation on me is that I am able to just open and work on a Revit model and collaborate with other Engineers, Trades and Architects on the same model.
    As mentioned, I am not a fan of Revit at all, but it is looking like I will need to learn and then purchase this software if I want to join in on some of the larger projects.
    Hopefully BricsCad is developing this aspect and will offer an alternative?
  • Rueben,

    Any chance you could update the link as it no longer works in your comment?
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